Khashuri – glass, Stalin and Little Red Riding Hood

The name of Khashuri town is probably familiar to anyone who has been to Georgia at least once and has visited the western part of the country. If you go to Borjomi, Kutaisi or Batumi you have to pass huge roundabout with a fountain in the middle, the trademark of the town. However, hardly anyone knows that this small town hides a real treat, even for such a post-industrial ignorant like me – an abandoned glass factory.

The factory was operating since the 1950s until the beginning of the 21st century. Nowadays, it is locked down tight and deteriorating.

You can find the real treasures from the past century in abandoned buildings – the communist propaganda posters, polish newspapers, old calendars, employee letter expressing regret for coming drunk to work second day in a row and many more.

Take a quick photographic trip around Khashuri factory.


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